Our vodka conquers global markets

In-house brands keep on driving up alcohol production and export. Thus, vodka brand “Khortytsia”, being among the top three fastest growing vodkas worldwide, showed rapid increase at the markets of the USA, Canada, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and the Republic of Korea. The brand ambassadors report that following results of the first three quarters of the current year, the sales volume of “Khortytsia” increased by the record 60%.


The increased popularity of our vodka in export countries is explained by the producer as the result of the consistent high quality and exquisite soft taste of “Khortytsia”, which was achieved through the use of unique raw materials – next generation alcohol “Pshenychna slyoza”.

There was announced the best vodka

The 18th international competition of alcoholic brands – San Francisco World Spirits Competition – was held in San Francisco. This year the top tasting competition gathered a record number of participants – almost 3 thousand participants from different countries. According to its results, the highest award – gold – was obtained by the domestic brand “Khortytsia”. The brand achieved excellent marks from the world leading experts, sommeliers, well-known industry journalists and bartenders from all over the world.

The manufacturer notes that the main key to success of Khortytsia is the use of next generation alcohol and pure spring water, as well as the application of innovative technologies throughout all stages of production.

“Currently “Khortytsia” is the exclusive vodka that is being produced on the unique alcohol of next generation on a commercial scale. Therefore, it tastes soft and easy to drink, – said the Director of LP “Khortytsia” Alexey Kovalevich. – We use the best raw materials, apply various innovative solutions to keep up with the times and meet high expectations of consumers.»

There was announced the bestselling domestic vodka globally

The British magazine Drinks International published ranking of the bestselling alcohol globally. According to the broadsheet the domestic “Khortytsya” is on the list of the fastest growing global vodka brands. The brand of absolute quality showed the highest growth rates among the three leaders worldwide, and at the end of 2017 it became the bestselling domestic brand globally.


In addition, “Khortytsia” became the fastest growing brand in America. As previously reported by Patrick Pryer, the commercial brand director in the US, following the results of past year, “Khortytsia” showed the rapid sales growth: “The volume of supplies to the US market increased by 133%. The brand is well-known in the USA having notable advanced characteristics.”

The brand ambassador explains success of “Khortytsia” by the use of the best raw materials – next generation alcohol “Pshenychna Slyoza”, spring water and author’s recipes.


“According to the tasting indicators, this brand of alcohol has the highest performance. This is also supported by success of “Khortytsia” at international tasting competitions”, – commented Patrick Pryer.

There were announced three of the world-class vodkas

In the UK there was Millionaires club 2018 published – updated ranking of the biggest selling brands in the global spirits industry. According to Drinks International magazine the in-house brand “Khortytsyia” – is among the three best sellers globally.

In addition, the brand of absolute quality showed the highest growth rates among the three leaders. In the past year alone, Khortytsia global sales increased by the record of + 8%.

The manufacturer explains brand success by the use of the best raw materials – next generation alcohol, spring water and author’s recipes.

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